Our Ultimate Guide to Acing Virtual Job Interviews

Because of the recent global pandemic, most business operations have moved online, including job searching and job interviews. Since the COVID-19 pandemic requires us to practice social distancing, many personal and business practices have moved to the digital and virtual world. 

Although we’re months into the pandemic, meeting with people face-to-face is still quite impossible and unsafe. And as long as the virus is still around, virtual meetings, like virtual job interviews, will continue to be the new type of normal. 

Most of us know what we should do in a pre-pandemic job interview setting, but what do you do when it’s a virtual interview? If you have one scheduled soon, don’t worry; we’ve got you! 

Whether you applied in an IT job staffing agency or whatever industry you dipped your toes in, this article is the ultimate guide you need to help you ace the virtual job interview coming up. So grab a cup of coffee, a pen, and a notebook, and let’s get started!

Do digital digging and extra research

Since you won’t benefit from experiencing the building and atmosphere of the company you applied for, you must use the extra time to digitally dig and learn more about the company and your interviewer. 

You can do this by going to the company’s website and work your way through the team, their vision and mission, and even look at photos of their facilities. With that information, you’ll get an idea of their vibe and how they operate. 

Besides that, you want to look for articles related to the company, their portfolios, and even your interviewer’s LinkedIn profile. This will give you a sense of who you’re talking to and find points of connection to make your job interview flow seamlessly. 

For example, if you applied for an IT job through an IT job staffing agency, searching for the latest IT trends will give you that edge to help you nail that interview. 

Ensure your devices and internet connection are working properly

In the pre-pandemic world, you’ll need to travel for job interviews to find the company building and make sure that your commute time won’t make you run late. In the digital world, it’s quite similar. 

When you have an online job interview, it’s still crucial that you make on-time and that you’re prepared. You can do this by setting up your devices, such as your laptop, webcam, and mic, an hour before your interview. Besides that, make sure your internet connection is stable. 

Additionally, you want to make sure that you have all the details you need, such as who’s calling who, which platform will you be using, and if it’s an international call, whose timezone are you following. These logistics are essential to ensure a smooth and successful job interview. 

Be polite and attentive

Your demeanor and personality change when you meet people for job interviews face-to-face. Your body language, responses, and tone changes, and these are factors that you should carry to your virtual interviews as well. 

Since there’s a digital boundary between you and the recruiter, there may be limited access to this type of stimulus, making it harder for you to focus and stay alert. This is why you need to make a conscious effort to be more attentive during the interview. 

You’ll want to avoid multitasking and pay close attention to the interview itself. Notice the tone of your voice, volume, and speech pattern so that you’re communicating to the interviewer clearly. 

Besides that, make sure you’re conversing and not rambling. Remember to answer questions directly, keeping in mind that time is valuable, especially your interviewer’s time. 

If your camera is on, make sure you maintain eye contact, show that you are engaged and interested, fix your posture, and smile. By doing this, you’re showing the recruiter that you’re professional and eager to learn more and that you’re interested in this job posting. 


Doing interviews virtually can be quite intimidating, especially if you’re doing this for the first time. But by remembering these tips, you’ll be able to ace that job interview. So go hunt for your dream IT job, search IT staffing companies, and nail that virtual job interview!

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