Part 2: 6 Reasons Why Companies Should Hire a Tech Lead

After identifying why it is beneficial to hire a tech lead, it is best to write down a guideline that helps find the ideal candidate for the role. However, for companies hiring a tech lead for the first time, which best practices should they follow to secure the perfect candidate for a company’s tech lead? Here are some ideas.

1. Design Candidate Avatar

Creating a candidate persona or avatar can help you better understand what kind of candidate you need for the role. Designing the ideal candidate for the position should help identify applicants’ requirements and skills before applying.

Once you clearly understand the role and the ideal candidate, you can start identifying potential applicants who meet your criteria. As a result, expectations will help you save time and resources during recruitment.

2. Detailed Job Description

When posting a job opening for a tech lead, it is essential to be as specific as possible in the job description. It will help weed out candidates who are not a good fit for the position and attract those with the necessary skills and experience.

The job description should include a list of responsibilities and the required skills and experience. On the other hand, writing a detailed job description should set a proper understanding of the expectations and requirements of the role.

3. Be Specific

Companies need to be as specific as possible when writing a job description. Nowadays, people find it challenging to apply for job postings as the qualifications are too vague to understand. But being specific will help you attract candidates with the right skills and experience for the position.

Include a list of responsibilities and the required skills and experience. Be sure to mention the desired qualifications and skills, such as a degree in computer science or experience with a specific programming language.

4. Add Position Rate

While salary isn’t the only thing that attracts job seekers, it is still one of the essential factors in their decision-making. Some people are willing to drop everything for jobs that pay more than the expected rate as they need to be compensated for their time and effort.

If you’re looking to attract the best talent, you should offer a competitive salary. Sometimes, adding more benefits to the perks should make the job post more attractive to the applicants. Therefore, including the position’s salary range in the job description is a good idea.

5. Target the Ideal Audience

Companies should know their target audience when posting a job opening. The position may require a specific set of skills and experience. If you’re looking for a copywriter, you should target people with a writing background.

Companies can also target a specific niche audience. For instance, if you’re looking for a web developer, you can target people with experience building websites. By targeting the ideal audience, you can ensure that you’ll attract qualified applicants.

6. Include the Application Process

Companies should include the application process in the job description. The application process should consist of application instructions, what documentation to submit, and the deadline. Including the application process in the job description ensures that all applicants have the necessary information to apply for the position.


Finding a tech lead should not be too challenging as long as companies know what they want for the role. If companies keep these qualities in mind, they should be able to find a tech lead that will be a valuable asset to their team.

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