What You Need to Know about Project-Based Employment

The world is experiencing a strange staffing phenomenon. We are still seeing a record-high unemployment rate even if the number of vacancies is way more than those without a job. As an entrepreneur, this does not mean you will simply lower your standards to fill the job openings.

IT staffing is even more challenging because the technology sector requires highly-competent individuals who are already trained. The candidates you advertise for must already have the skills you need. If so, why not try project-based employment? 

This arrangement opens new talent pools, like those who can only work for you part-time. Some can only work for you at a specific location, which does not make your recruitment process simple. You find your ideal employee, but she is unwilling to leave their current job. 

Before contacting reputable IT staffing firms in Chicago, you should know more about project-based employment. This knowledge will help you understand the recruitment process better.

What Is Project-Based Employment?

Project-based employment is a staffing arrangement gaining more popularity among IT companies. This staffing arrangement works best for small IT businesses that want to experiment with new talent.

Project-based employment is a type wherein an employee works for a specific project or task. It does not require lengthy commitments on the part of the employee and the employer. 

The company selects the person to work on a project or a task. It does not have to work with the same person for a long duration.

This arrangement gives you a lot of flexibility. You do not have to worry about losing employees who do not fit into your company culture. As long as the job is done, it is all good.

Advantages of a Project-Based Employment

Before you tap into the talent pool of reputable IT staffing firms in Chicago, you should know the benefits. The first advantage is that you can hire specialized workers for a specific project or task. It does not require long-term commitments or complicated employment contracts. You can employ project-based employees for a longer time if needed.   

The second advantage of hiring project-based employees is that they are more productive and efficient. They are less likely to slack as they know this job is temporary. They work hard to get the job done, and you do not have to worry about them staying late.

Most importantly, the type of employment is budget-friendly. You do not have to commit cash if your recruiting efforts did not get you the desired results. On top of that, you can hire skilled employees for your project-based employment. It does not mean the employees are less qualified. 

What Are the Drawbacks? 

The first drawback is that you may end up with a quality problem. As your project-based employees are not with you for a long time, they may not develop loyalty. They may not fully understand your company’s goals and culture. It could result in a low-quality product or even result in you losing a client.

The second drawback is that you do not have anyone to take over the project if the employee leaves. You cannot just call another employee to take over the project or task. You will have to start the recruitment process all over again.


If you want to take on a new project or task, you do not have to hire an entire team to address it. Instead, you can employ project-based employees. The temporary arrangement will allow you to focus on your core competencies.

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