Questions You Should Ask as an Interviewer—Part 1

Most people may not know this, but sometimes job interviewers are as nervous as the interviewee. As an interviewer, you take great care to appear confident but wonder if you look the part. You ponder whether you will hire the right person to fulfill your IT staffing requirements while properly assessing candidates. But most of all, you worry whether you are asking the right interview questions.

We may not get to help you with your first worry, but you can take care of the other two with the right set of questions. This article can help you with that part.

Understanding Interview Question Types

Before constructing interview questions to fill your IT staffing vacancies, it is best to understand the types of questions first. Different question types have various purposes that would reveal something about the interviewee. Knowing them can guide you in constructing questions that best suit your company’s needs.

Credential and Experience Verification Questions

You can usually find answers to credential and experience verification questions in the applicant’s resume. But you can ask these questions to get the ball rolling. Asking applicants “tell me something about yourself” is a bit too vague. Phrasing it as “tell me more about your educational background and work experiences” is more precise.

Behavioral Questions

Behavioral questions serve to reveal how a candidate acted in the past and may indicate how they will perform in the future. You can start with “can you tell me how you responded in the past when you…” then supply a situation. You can ask them how they completed a certain task or managed a case.

Case Questions

Case questions showcase the applicant’s analytical and problem-solving skills. It is quite similar to behavioral questions wherein you present a specific situation. The difference is that case questions are hypothetical, preventing them from drawing from their past experiences. This is your opportunity to raise potential issues they might face on the job and see how they would address them.

Competency Questions

Competency questions highlight an interviewee’s capability in the field and other skills they could have, such as leadership, communication, flexibility, and the like. Asking a question like “how have you demonstrated leadership in the workplace?” lets you know directly about their skills. Meanwhile, a question similar to “tell me about a time you had to step up during a project” is a more subtle competency question.

Nonsense Questions

Interviews are nerve-wracking, and occasionally asking silly questions can dissipate the tension to make a more pleasant and communicative environment. It can also show a candidate’s free-thinking, creativity, and preparedness to face unexpected events. So go ahead and ask, “what do you think is your spirit animal?”

Interview Questions to Ask Applicants

Now that you know the basic types of interview questions, you are better equipped to create questions on your own. But we have a few question suggestions that you are free to use. 

  • What do you enjoy about being an IT professional?
  • What is your favorite software and why?
  • What is the last IT-related skill you developed?
  • What do you think is the most important skill of an IT professional?
  • Can you describe what you think is a good IT professional?
  • Have you made a mistake at work? What did you do afterward?
  • Tell me about the most challenging IT problem you faced and how did you solve it?
  • Have you faced an IT issue that you cannot solve? What did you do?


The process of filling IT staffing vacancies can be tedious.  It requires sifting through a lot of resumes, checks, tests, and interviews. However, every step is essential to find the right people and assemble your perfect IT team.

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