12 Questions to Ask Your Next Software Engineer – Part 2

7. Can You Identify and Fix the Errors in this Code?

One of the most successful methods of testing an applicant’s talents is to give them a sample problem to solve. 

When generating errors, the problem should be difficult enough to demonstrate their expertise in coding language but not too complex that it consumes your entire interview time.

8. How Do You Check for Quality in Your Code Writing Process and How Do You Identify Bugs in an App?

Excellent software engineering candidates are just as well-versed in assessing their work quality as they are in producing them. If they discover a flaw, they must fix it without impacting the remainder of their code. 

Attention to detail is essential in this job since even minor mistakes can lead to more significant and costly problems. An ideal response to this question will indicate a broad range of knowledge and a grasp of what it takes to produce high-quality code.

9. Functionality and Design Aside, What Other Qualities are Most Important in an App? How Would You Test For Them?

Users have high expectations of their applications. If an application is unstable, sluggish to load, or prone to crashing, users are likely to abandon it in favor of one of your competitors’ apps. Many factors must be considered in your software development to ensure a satisfied user. 

Look for responses that mention qualities such as dependability, stability, performance, and integration. The most insightful and detailed replies will delve into specific techniques for assessing these qualities and success markers.

10. What’s the Most Difficult Project You’ve Taken On?

Would you mind telling me about the project? What made it so difficult for you, and what did you gain from experience?

Nobody is flawless, and not every job will be a piece of cake. The most excellent software developers can recognize their flaws and take corrective action. If they can laugh about the difficulties they’ve encountered, they may be better able to deal with the demands of the work.

Candidates should own their flaws rather than blaming them exclusively on external sources. Look for evidence that they are using what they’ve learned to avoid similar difficulties in the future.

11. How Much Work Can You Do Daily?

This question assists you in determining how much work you can anticipate the employee to do on the job. For example, if the applicant intends to work a 40-hour week, you would expect them to state that they spend at least 25 hours per week coding and the rest of the time on administrative tasks.

12. What is Your Biggest Accomplishment as a Software Engineer?

When interviewing potential software engineers for your vacant position, it’s critical to allow candidates to highlight their talents and successes. When asked about the proudest experience, the candidate might emphasize a project or event that they believe demonstrates their most vital qualities as a software engineer.

Aside from highlighting an applicant’s talents, the same anecdote they offer might indicate a lot about their work ethic. This question allows the potential employee to discuss the project they believe will be most remarkable to you, indicating the sort of work they value highly. You may use this to see if their priorities fit with the values and preferences of your organization.


Thus ends the interview! The software engineer position is highly technical, filled with jargon that might confuse even the most astute hiring managers. With these questions in tow, you’re well on your way to hiring a well-rounded candidate who satisfies both technical and behavioral aspects of the job.

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