Security in the Digital Age: How Companies Can Protect Themselves

For companies operating in the digital age, the need for more powerful security measures is greater than ever. The overall goal is to protect one thing: company data. 

This is a concern of all businesses, regardless of the size. After all, hackers do not discriminate; both large corporations and small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs) are subject to data breaches! Between the two, however, the latter suffers most from data calamities because of their high-reward, low-risk nature.  

Protecting your business from hacking

You might be asking yourself how you can protect yourself and your business from data breaches and hacker attacks. To give you a better idea, here are some ways in which you can secure your company’s information and that of your customers’:

1. Safeguard your software 

Make sure everything is up to date, as outdated business software is quite vulnerable. An easy fix is to make sure auto-updates are turned on for all units. 

2. Verify your accounts

Hackers do their work remotely, so a two-step authenticator or verification is a standard method to prevent this. Two-step authentication processes require anybody trying to log into your company email or bank account to supply a one-time-pin or code sent to your mobile phone. While it may seem tedious, it’s a great security measure to add for your business!

3. Backup your data

Files that are stored on the premises should be backed up regularly. If possible, then the backups should be done automatically on a daily basis—this way, any physical issue that happens to your data servers won’t cause an excessive issue for you.

4. Separate your cloud data

When backing up your data in the cloud, organize everything according to levels of importance and confidentiality. For instance, instead of compiling all the files, you can store them according to sensitivity! 

Cloud data should be used alongside offline data back-ups for additional protection.

5. Monitor and secure Wi-Fi usage

Most employees work remotely these days, and having them move out of your office’s secured Wi-Fi environment can be a tad scary. Thankfully, there are ways you can mitigate data breaches over unsecured networks. One way is to use a virtual private network (VPN), which adds an additional security layer for users’ data as they log onto a network. 

6. Beef up your team’s IT security knowledge

Employees should be well-versed in information security protocols and trained in the basics, such as how to spot phishing scams. Basic security training can be incorporated into onboardings and training seminars for even better dissemination of information.

7. Update access controls

It’s crucial not to forget to update access controls. These involve requirements for usernames, passwords, and login attempts before locking an account. Don’t forget to continuously update your record for separated employees, who should no longer have access to company emails and other accounts!

8. Review your BCP

When updating your business continuity plan (BCP), be sure to include your data security measures in it. Compared with larger businesses that tend to have a pretty comprehensive BCP as part of their corporate policy, most SMBs don’t have well established BCPs. That makes it very critical for the latter to ensure contingencies are in place to protect data in the face of any data threats.


Data is our most valuable asset in terms of work security these days. After all, hackers are an invisible enemy that can penetrate any weak link in our security systems; this puts both small and large scale businesses and corporations at constant risk of data leaks! 

The need for competent individuals and groups in the IT field, especially information security, is greater than ever. Bringing people on board through an IT job staffing agency can get you the people you need as they need demands! This ensures that while the threats against our data security continue to grow, so do your defenses with the right systems and the right people!

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