Essential Skills Every Blockchain Developer Must Have

A wide range of skills is necessary to work in blockchain development, but when a career in this industry is launched, it can be challenging to know which skills are the most important to pursue. Job postings can provide candidates with some sense of what employers want, but these requirements are usually tailored to meet specific needs. There are eight types of skills necessary for a blockchain developer: 

1. Cryptography

This is the art and science of designing, analyzing, and implementing cryptographic techniques to secure information and data. Understanding how to implement cryptography is essential, but it is also vital to understand how cryptography can be applied to specific problems.

2. Distributed System Design

A distributed system must be designed to accommodate multiple components and to operate across a network. Designing distributed systems and administering and managing them will be key to applying blockchain to a wide variety of problems.

3. Software Engineering

There are many ways to develop blockchain software and deliver an application to the public. Still, blockchain is an industry that is moving extremely quickly, and the success of an application or service is often dependent on the efficiency of the software development process.

4. Security

One of the most important aspects of blockchain is security, and the most successful blockchain applications will be able to provide the highest level of protection possible. Proponents of blockchain technology and the industries that it serves are often at the forefront of the industry, enabling security innovations to be implemented in a short amount of time.

5. Data Structures

Understanding the storage of data is an essential aspect of the way blockchain works. But there are more complex data structures required to manage data within the blockchain network. Understanding the nuances of blockchain data structures will be an essential component of ensuring the security and efficiency of a blockchain application.

6. Blockchain Architecture

Although blockchain technology is relatively new, it grows quickly, and many organizations are working on innovative applications. Employers want candidates that are capable of developing blockchain architecture and infrastructure, as well as being able to work in a team environment to deliver an end product. Blockchain architecture is necessary to design solutions that can accommodate a variety of problems.

7. Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are expected to change the way blockchain technology is used and have a significant impact on the future of blockchain development. There is a limited programming language for smart contracts, which means that most development teams will need to work with smart contract designers and developers to design and deliver a working product.

8. Programming Languages

Blockchain technology makes use of a variety of programming languages, including C++ and Go. To be successful in the blockchain industry, an individual must be competent in a variety of programming languages and choose the most appropriate language for the specific problem that is being solved.


Blockchain is still a relatively new technology quickly being adopted across a wide range of industries and applications. Although blockchain companies are proliferating, many organizations are still working to understand the full potential of blockchain technology and how it can solve several problems. To stay up to date with blockchain trends, keep an eye on 2019’s biggest blockchain stories.

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