The Importance of a Strategic Staffing Plan for Businesses

If your top employee were to leave tomorrow, what would you do? Although company owners prefer not to consider it, it occurs daily at large and small businesses. Unfortunately, there is no way to foresee when someone could quit or need to be fired, regardless of how devoted your staff are.

A staffing contingency plan is a multi-step procedure to ensure you are not caught off guard when an employee quits. Here is what you need to know if your company doesn’t already have a strategic staffing strategy.

This article will run you through the essentials of strategic staffing plans.

Why Are Strategic Staffing Plans Important?

Because you ideally chose trustworthy individuals, it’s simple to slip into the trap of leaning too heavily on your present team members. However, any of them may go without warning, leaving you completely defenseless.

Because of this, you make rash judgments that may require you to fill the position with the wrong individual. Less unpleasant than not having a competent successor or wondering who could be the next to depart is creating a strategic personnel strategy and investing in developing younger staff members.

One of the essential management tasks is hiring the right personnel. Creating a staffing strategy for your company shouldn’t be left up to your HR team; you should be actively involved.

Developing an “Always Hiring” Mentality

Adopting an “always hiring” mindset is the first step in creating a strategic IT staffing plan for your company. To have individuals on your radar in the case of an emergency recruiting crisis, it’s critical to start locating quality applicants before you ever need them.

Work with your team to write thorough job descriptions for each open role and publish job openings on job sites even if none exist. Creating a pool of qualified candidates for the open positions should be your aim.

Make a list of everybody you meet while networking who you might like to recruit in the future. Maintain a dossier on these applicants and remain in touch with them over time to see if they are still interested. 

You may accomplish this by sending a kind email on recent developments in your business, setting up a conversation about their career objectives, or simply just keeping them informed about any upcoming possibilities your firm may have.

Getting Leads from Within

Before looking for outside recruits, it’s a good idea to assess the talents of your present personnel. Hiring someone already familiar with the company’s culture and values is a certainty when you hire internally.

Talk with your junior employees about their career aspirations. You will discover what they desire and who may be a possibility for a promotion in the future. Work with the employee to develop a strategy of what they should study or accomplish to have the essential experience if you are aware that they are interested in promotion. At certain intervals, meet with them to discuss their progress.

For each role in your business, create a depth chart. Your objective is to have at least one internal applicant and one external candidate from your files for each position. This shortens the hiring process and ensures you know who to contact if a position unexpectedly becomes available.


Do you have a strategic staffing plan? If not, it’s time to develop one. Complicated or not, the process of creating a strategic staffing plan for your business is an effort that will yield long-term results.

It’s a lot easier to fill a position after you’ve had time to do your research and seek out qualified candidates.

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