Upcoming Tech Hiring Changes in 2022 You Need to Know

Looking ahead, one thing is certain about tech hiring trends—the way tech talent is found and brought into the fold will change in the coming years. It’s inevitable. But like any sweeping change within an industry, it will be unpredictable and, at times, rocky. Here is how tech hiring will change in 2022.

Unprecedented Demand for Tech Skills

The growing demand for tech skills will cause the current (and sometimes painful) upskilling and reskilling of talent in the tech field to become commonplace.

This need for tech skills is so great that hiring managers will demand more than a skill set. They’ll want people to be up to speed on the latest technologies and ready to work a full 9 to 5.

Soft Skills Will Play a Significant Role

The growing demand for tech skills will lead to a greater focus on the softer skills required to do the job. When there are two equally qualified candidates with regard to technical skills, soft skills will help differentiate the winner.

For instance, an engineering candidate with a great attitude, willingness to learn, and solid communication skills will get the job over a technically qualified candidate with a bad attitude and communication skills.

Remote-Friendly Job Expansion

The growing demand for tech skills will lead to more remote-friendly jobs. More and more roles will be done outside the walls of the office. This will lead to hiring managers looking to fill tech roles with employees who can work remotely.

The key to such a hiring model isn’t just a solid background in tech skills; it’s someone who’s able to self-motivate and take the initiative.

Rise in Upskilling and Reskilling

With the increased emphasis on learning new tech skills, tech hiring will see an uptick in employees looking to reskill and upskill. Many of the roles being filled right now won’t exist in 2022, so hiring managers will need to be open to upskilling and reskilling employees.

The added benefit, of course, is the value an employee will bring to the organization.

Automate the Screening Process

The growing demand for tech skills will lead to a greater focus on automating the screening process. Hiring managers will look to hire people based on the viability of their skills and how they fit within the organization.

This may sound like a painful process, but it’s actually a great one. It takes the uncertainty out of hiring and focuses on the skills and tech talent the business needs.

More Realistic Open Positions

The growing demand for tech skills will lead to a rise in positions with a more realistic description of the job’s requirements.

These roles will be more explicit about the requirements. Such as, “We need someone who can do A, B, and C.”

As opposed to a role that says, “We need someone who’s great at A, B, and C.” This difference in requirements sets up a need for more careful reading on the applicant’s part.


The current and future need for tech skills can’t be overstated. It’s ushering in a period of change and growth, not just for tech hiring but for the tech industry itself. It’s an exciting time to be a tech professional. And with the right skills, tech professionals can and will thrive.

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