4 Tech Hiring Mistakes Your Company Should Definitely Avoid

Finding the right person for an IT position can be quite a tedious process, whether you’re searching for an entry-level hire or someone who can contribute significantly to your company in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, replacing a bad hire is particularly expensive. It costs at least 30% of an employee’s first-year salary, but that number is widely believed to be much higher. Regardless of which figure you believe is correct, IT leaders cannot afford such a hefty mistake.

Here are five common hiring mistakes to consider in order to net the best talent.

1. Unclear Job Requirements

It’s important to clarify exactly what skills and qualities your ideal candidates should possess. While it’s tempting to look for a candidate who can “hit the ground running,” it’s important to understand that your ideal candidate may not have all the experience you require to fill the position. For example, your organization may be focused on growing your data center through the implementation of a private cloud. If you hire someone with the knowledge to put together a private cloud but no experience working with your company’s specific infrastructure, are they the right person for the job?

2. Believing You Can Hire People for Less

Imagine opening several key IT and tech positions in your company for a new project in a different location. However, the management decided to cut your headcount budget by 20% because they believe the new location should warrant lower salaries. That’s a huge mistake. One study by CareerBuilder found that hiring for less than what’s needed is one of the top reasons for a bad hire. If you don’t pay for the skill level you need, you’ll likely be searching for a new hire in a few months. Plus, it will cost you much more to replace a bad hire than it would to hire the right person in the first place.

3. Not Working with Specialist Staffing Agencies

Another way to avoid hiring mistakes is to work with tech recruiters specializing in finding IT candidates. It can be tempting to conduct your search yourself, but there is a great deal of time and effort that goes into finding the right person. A good tech recruiter can screen candidates more quickly and efficiently than you can. Plus, they can do their homework to help you find candidates who are a good fit for your roles and company.

4. Not Doing the Research

According to a study by Tech Pro Research, only 58% of employers feel the research they provide candidates is enough to make the best hiring decisions. So it’s important to know what your candidates are capable of.

One thing you can do is check out the candidates’ previous work history. Look for commonalities between the job they’re applying for and previous positions. How closely did the candidates’ previous work align with what you’re seeking for the position? If you’re hiring for a senior position, consider how their previous work experience would add to your company.


As the IT industry evolves and becomes increasingly competitive, selecting employees that are the right fit for your organization is more critical than ever before. Hiring the wrong person can be expensive, but working with a specialized IT recruiter can help you save time, avoid costly mistakes and land the right talent for your organization.

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