The 4-Part Criteria for Hiring a Tech Staffing Company

Tech businesses of every size may find that they have their hands full with their operations all the time and that they require extra hands. The tech industry is broad and competitive, with its specialists and freelancers who are multiple candidates for almost every line of work these days, making it a little harder to narrow down. 

As an alternative, employing a staffing agency can help you with this predicament. With a staffing agency’s recruitment, your business is gaining the ability to hire plenty of employees for a period while having fewer legal responsibilities in the whole ordeal and contract.

However, much like hiring someone new for your company, there should also be a list of requirements and specifications that every tech staffing agency should meet. Here’s what excellent tech staffing companies should possess.

1. Feedback 

Knowing former clients’ feedback of a tech staffing company gives you some insight into their experience and reputation. There’s also a lot of reviews available on the internet that you can freely look through. If they’re overwhelmingly positive, you may want to take a step back and take everything with a grain of salt, though.

You can ask for references and contact a past customer. The conversation may just verify if the staffing agency you’re eyeing to work with will actually bring wonders to your tech company or if it will be a blunder.

2. Workforce

Another thing to eye is the size of a staffing agency. Although it isn’t necessary to find a large one, it’s a great plus to have a large pool of options. You need to assess if that pool has tech specialists that provide quality services, though.

Question a staffing agent about how they would describe their candidates in terms of skills and credentials. Be a little more careful if they aren’t able to provide specifications about the skills and experience the specialists have, as it could be a sign of poor management.

3. Procedures

An in-depth understanding of their hiring process may give you enlightenment on whether or not they’re the right company for the job. The ideal tech staffing company has comprehensive screening and hiring of candidates.

They should also have procedures for what happens to a staffer when the placement and assignment don’t have a good outcome. You want a company that can still treat and take care of staffers if problems arise and you don’t find them qualified.

4. Best Field 

If you have specific needs, include expertise in your criteria. There are specialized tech staffing companies that may be able to help you and appeal to your requirements a whole lot more. You’ll find it easier when outsourcing as it narrows down your options.

Just be sure to verify and check their credentials before handing out a contract. You want to ensure the legitimacy of a service provider and that you get what you’re paying for, especially if it’s a complex area of expertise.


It’s vital to keep an open mind before deciding on a final staffing agency. Take time if you can afford it so you can compare what a firm can offer and the possible setbacks of hiring them. You’ll be able to find someone worthwhile to work with. 

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