The It Talent Shortage: How Serious Is the Situation?

Many companies face the trouble of trying to find IT professionals to no avail. Some have rather specific needs in terms of the skills they need, while some argue that there is simply a shortage in the field. Is there an actual lack of professionals in IT, or is there something else at play that makes hiring such individuals a big challenge? 

A Case For IT Talent Shortage

For those who argue that the IT talent shortage is a real thing, they say that the increase in the availability of tech occupations is much higher than people actually learning and becoming IT professionals. In other words, supply is unable to meet demand, creating a shortage. Another argument that supports this claim is that technology is evolving quickly. 

In the area of cybersecurity, cybercriminals have greater resources than the average company. Many IT professionals are also generally happy with their job, so only a  few are going around looking for new positions. In fact, the unemployment rate in Tech is around 2.5%—an incredibly small number.

Evidence That It’s Not a Shortage

Those that argue against the idea of an IT talent shortage claim that it all lies in paying the right salary. Tech salaries are rising, and companies that skimp out on the salary and the compensation package are going to suffer. IT professionals understand the value of their work, and many refuse to work for less than what they deserve. 

Another argument made is that companies looking for IT talents are too specific in their search. Many have stringent and unrealistic requirements when many IT talents can do the job well if only these companies adjust their job requirements. 

The last argument is that companies are looking in the wrong places. In many cases, companies look at platforms where there are IT talents actively looking for jobs. This perpetuates the idea that there is a shortage, when in reality, even those that already have a job may still be open to new opportunities. Companies need to be creative with their recruitment strategies to attract more individuals.


People care about whether this is myth or truth because companies want to adapt their recruitment strategies. Unfortunately, the answer is not so clear, and it does not seem like the situation will change any time soon. 

Whatever you might believe, you need to focus on developing the individuals you hire. You also need to adapt your way of attracting professionals to your company. Try different tactics to get your company the IT support it needs. If it’s not working, then you definitely need to try something else.

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