The NFT Revolution and Its Implications for IT Staffing

The market for NFTs and blockchain skills has risen rapidly and explosively in front of our eyes since they were introduced in 2014. 

Since its inception as a single digital token, NFTs have influenced various sectors, including lending, finance, music, art, and video games (yes, you can borrow money from lenders by pledging your NFTs as collateral or purchasing Real Estate with NFTs). 

However, “NFT” was chosen as the 2021 Word of the Year by Collins Dictionary.

Therefore, why are NFTs so common? Whether or not you are familiar with an NFT, they are firmly established, and their impact is expanding swiftly.

Continue reading to discover how NFTs will rule in 2022 and where to find strategic IT staffing. 

Community NFTs 

The NFTs sector is essentially a community. People may hang out, converse, collaborate, and help one another. People socialize because of NFTs; in 2022, the community aspect of NFTs will be MASSIVE.

Communities with authority over the IP are allowed to add their creativity and value, which helps the industry go in new ways.

In other words, blockchain and NFTs offer a framework for primary and secondary resale rights while ensuring that the original artist is still paid for upcoming work uses.

However, releasing some of an NFT’s intellectual property also creates more opportunities for creativity and originality. Artists can offer suggestions and ensure that they are paid for their work at every stage of the creation of an NFT.

Brand NFTs 

Never minimize the power of branding. Customers make brand investments to represent who they are or what they aspire to be. They spend their money with businesses whose goods align with their values and desired public image.

But what makes one brand more valuable or appealing than another? The two key components are authenticity and scarcity. 

In the first place, creating a sense of lack makes something look rare, which raises demand. 

Furthermore, buyers want to know that they are receiving what they paid for, which brings us authenticity.

The power of brands has also permeated the NFT sector as businesses see the potential of NFTs and grab the opportunities. The emergence of the Metaverse also creates unprecedented opportunities for brand advertising.

Music NFTs 

Remember when vinyl records were popular? Then, artists may publish their work even if they only sell a few records. Then, when limited edition types of vinyl rose in value and popularity, people rushed to buy them.

Nowadays, streaming services like Spotify, Amazon, and Apple make it incredibly easy to search and listen to music wherever we are and whenever we want. But by keeping a cut of every music stream, these platforms profit at the expense of the artists. 

Independent musicians who are working hard to advance their careers incur the risk of experiencing financial setbacks.

Let’s not forget NFTs, which fundamentally alter the music industry as we know it. Artists may exercise control over the distribution of their work since they can distribute their music as NFTs, which have a restricted release. Demand increases when the perception of scarcity is reinstated, increasing the value of an NFT and the artist’s profits.

The NFT Revolution

The NFT revolution is still in its early stages. Whether you believe NFTs have worth or are merely a one-hit wonder, they won’t be disappearing anytime soon. There will always be NFTs.

As the rush to create metaverses continues, here is a brand-new, unexplored digital frontier. A virtual environment where individuals may assemble to live, work, play, and interact. Brands must participate in NFTs as they will act as the Metaverse’s building blocks if they want to be a part of it. Brands will lag if this doesn’t happen.

In addition to the Metaverse, NFTs will influence communities, fashion, music, art, and real-world experiences. The NFT revolution is rapidly spreading and evolving even though it is still in its early phases. After disrupting 2022, where will NFTs go? What we can do for now is watch and wait.


The NFT revolution is upon us, and its implications for IT staffing are significant. With the rise of NFTs, we see a new breed of IT professionals specialized in this emerging technology. As NFTs become more mainstream, we expect to see an increase in demand for these specialists. Therefore, if you want to hire tech staffing and stay ahead of the curve, you should start studying NFTs and their possible applications.

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