Top 3 Hiring Challenges You May Face Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Players in the IT industry have been facing significant hiring challenges for the past years. As the field is a rapidly evolving one, it needs a constant influx of tech talents with the right skills and the right attitude. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be enough individuals to answer this ever-increasing demand for IT workers. 

What made matters worse was the emergence of the global health crisis during the first half of 2020. Aside from making hiring talents more difficult than it already was, the COVID-19 pandemic presented new hurdles that organizations must overcome. 

Although most hirings have been put on hold, some are actively looking for the talent they need despite the outbreak. If you are in a similar situation, the best way to prepare for these hurdles is to first understand what they are. 

In the sections below, you will learn some of the hiring challenges that you may encounter: 

1. Attracting Qualified Applicants 

As mentioned earlier, players in the industry have been struggling to attract qualified candidates for many years. The technical requirements for key positions are evolving at a rapid pace, yet there are not enough available tech talents to fill these roles. 

Let’s not forget the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic. With workers being laid off or put on furlough left and right, those who have managed to keep their full-time positions may be reluctant to undergo a job change. 

2. Holding Face-to-Face Interviews 

Before hiring an IT talent, you naturally want to make sure that you’ve got the right person. To do this, you look beyond their CVs and other documents. You also want to invite them over for interviews and even technical tests.

However, the travel restrictions and stay-at-home measures that are still in place may make this difficult, maybe even impossible for the time being. 

The good news is that there are video conferencing technologies you can use today to hold your interviews. Furthermore, you will find that utilizing these technologies can make it easier for you to schedule dialogues and even deliver a better hiring process. 

3. The Need for Relocation 

If you do find a qualified applicant and successfully hold an online interview with them, there are a few more remaining hurdles. 

Particularly, you may need this worker to relocate to a place closer to your headquarters. 

However, it pays to remember that relocating is already an overwhelming endeavor on its own. Relocating amid a pandemic can be even more intimidating. On top of that, some quarantine measures may make this move impossible at the moment. Not a lot of people will be willing to move to a new location in these sensitive times either. 

To overcome this challenge, you can turn these roles into remote positions for the meantime. Doing so not only makes it easier for you to attract skilled workers but also brings various benefits to your productivity, such as improved efficiency, boosted morale, and lower overhead costs. 


The IT industry has already been facing significant hiring challenges before the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. With the emergence of the global health crisis, companies may find it harder to successfully attract and hire qualified talents. The bright side is that it has become harder—but not impossible! As long as you craft the right strategies and adapt to the changes brought about by the pandemic, you will be able to attract highly skilled IT professionals without much problem. 

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