Properly Using Security Training To Protect Your Business

Security awareness training is a part of any effective and successful security program. This is because many security breaches start from employee-related incidents. Whether it be unknowingly downloading an infected file or using weak passwords, these types of actions can put an organization on fire. As such, employee training aims to educate employees of all the threats aimed at their companies, along with the security errors and issues the employees can commit and how they can avoid them to reduce the risk of security breaches.

That being said, if you are looking to implement security awareness training in your business, here’s what you need to do to make the most out of it:

1. Don’t Only Focus On Email

Email isn’t the only place attackers can carry out their hacks. There are a whole host of other ways they can manipulate employees into letting them into the company. For example, although commonly done on email, phishing can also be done on many other platforms. Now, it can arrive via text message, phone, and the like. Regardless, they’re all dangerous, and your task is to ensure that you cover as many ways attackers phish your employees. This allows your workers to be more aware of the dangers of the online world, ensuring that they spot and avoid phishing attempts.

2. Implement Training with Onboarding

You will already have an onboarding program set up to take in new employees to get them up to date with your processes and the like. However, if it is missing security awareness training, you must consider including it because the attacks you experience as a company can be unique to you. Getting your new employees trained on such matters ensures that they can immediately recognize the problem and report it when they do run into security-related problems, keeping your business as safe as possible. This also applies when promoting employees to new positions, where security issues can differ from those they’ve previously experienced.

3. Provide Platforms for Easy Reporting

One problem many companies face that makes it challenging to detect security issues is that there isn’t a proper platform to get these issues reported. In other words, employees do not have a way to report any security concerns, leaving the issue hidden and possibly causing problems. To avoid this problem, you should not only empower your employees to be active in security, but you should also remove any barrier that hinders an employee from reaching out to the IT department for assistance. This can help suspicious activities get detected far more easily, allowing the problem to be tackled and solved before it causes any more harm.


As they say, safety is always number one. In the world of businesses, security is one of those safeties you need to consider, and in the digital world, security is a must-have. Training your employees properly and offering platforms for easy reporting can help secure your business effectively. This ensures that if any security issues pop up, they are immediately spotted and dealt with. That said, here is our last tip for you: make security a long-term strategy. Problems evolve, and so must your employees and security solutions. This way, you can stay on top of your attackers, reducing the risk of successful breaches to maintain your business processes!

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