What are the top paying IT jobs?

Percentage wise: the majority of job opportunities fall within the software development space. The highest paid jobs are mostly either in leadership or in senior cyber security jobs, some can even reach as high as $400,000. Unfortunately for many companies, right now they are facing rising cyberattacks. Due to the rise in demand, there is a shortage of trained cyber security professionals. Fortunately for those that are in the field, the gap in the market means high paying jobs. However, pay has been rising in the search for ALL hard-to-find skills that are in demand. The upcoming mass expansion in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has led to a drastic demand for these professionals. AI/ML is projected to grow by 2.3 million new jobs within the next year. The average senior salary mark will soon exceed $200,000. Internet of Things (IoT) skills are also in increasingly high demand. You can not go wrong with Mobile engineering jobs for both iOS and Android. The best paying mobile jobs involve cross-platform mobile development tools like Xamarin. Within purely development the highest paid skills involve automation, big data, and open-source technology. Go has recently become the hot language. Go, often called “Golang”, it is an open source, cross-platform language originally developed by Google. In general technology is one of the best fields you can choose and has better career prospects than almost any other field.

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