Which Blockchain Certification Suits You Best?

Blockchain technology is one of the newest innovations that is designed to improve your business operations. This technology is slowly becoming an indispensable tool that can help bring overall success to an enterprise. This being said, it is getting increasingly important for everyone in the company to have a level of knowledge about blockchain to unlock the full potential of this technology. 

If you are looking to pursue a career as a blockchain professional, read on! There are three major blockchain certifications that all play crucial roles in helping a business utilize blockchain technology for its success. This blog post will focus on the role of blockchain experts, blockchain architects, and blockchain developers to help you find which one suits you best.

Which Blockchain Certification Suits You Best?

Before you can be able to decide which blockchain career to pursue, you need to gain a better understanding of these professions. Here are the three blockchain certifications and what they are, in a nutshell. 

1 – Blockchain Expert

A blockchain expert understands the capabilities of blockchain platforms and has experience in using programming languages. These professionals are skilled in coding and the fundamentals of blockchain technology. They use their in-depth knowledge to build blockchain-based applications that will be used to rewire the structure of businesses. To be a blockchain expert, you need to have extensive knowledge and be able to make the practical applications of the blockchain, consensus algorithms, blockchain attacks, and smart contracts.

2 – Blockchain Architect

On the other hand, a blockchain architect works closely with the R&D to restructure and redesign building processes and solutions to leverage cross-asset concepts and frameworks. A blockchain architect works on creating performance metrics to assess the effectiveness of blockchain performance. They also provide innovative solutions when it comes to the building and support of client systems and applications. To become a successful blockchain architect, one must have a fair understanding of blockchain platforms and knowledge of the types of blockchains.

3 – Blockchain Developer

Lastly, we have a blockchain developer. As its name suggests, these professionals develop blockchain solutions. They are involved in the background research, design and development, and implementation of blockchain technology. To get this certification, one must possess excellent knowledge of the working and architecture of blockchain. 


If you are an IT professional looking to further your career in blockchain applications, you can choose from one of the certifications mentioned above for blockchain technology. This technology is fast-evolving and does not seem to be going anywhere regarding its integration into companies everywhere. The potential for a career in the blockchain industry is seemingly endless since there is no way but up for this new trend. Once you have the credentials, there will be no problem for you to find a job as a blockchain professional. The key is to find a reliable recruiting platform that will offer competitive job opportunities to IT professionals. Working with the right recruitment platform will help you find the right job that will fit your skillset. 

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