Why Every Business Should Hire a CMS Web Design Specialist

Making a website has become mandatory for any business if you want any potential customers to find you. While building a website on your own is actually quite easy nowadays with all the tools available online. In fact, you can have a brand new website ready in a matter of hours.

Building a website is one thing, but managing it is an entirely different matter. There are numerous programs out there to help you build and manage a website. The question is, can you find a tool that has all your needs in it? There a website builders out there with a simple drag and drop functionality. Content Management Systems (CMS), on the other hand, offer more complex features. While there are many free DIY themes and templates out there for website building, there are a couple of reasons why hiring a professional CMS designer it’s still the better option:

Everyone Uses the Same Free Theme

Website builders with free themes offer a fast and easy way to build a decent-looking page with just a few clicks of your mouse. With that kind of convenience at no cost means practically anyone can do it. Do you really want to be part of the 15,000 other businesses using the same rustic-looking template for your website?

Every Business Has Different Needs

Whatever kind of business you have will dictate the type of website you need to effectively convert potential customers. Some may need an image carousel or parallax scrolling functionality on their website. Each business has its own needs that no amount of ready-to-use themes can ever anticipate.

Neverending Changes in the Backend

Once you have a website up and running, your work doesn’t end there. You always need to update information on your website, publish blog posts, and optimize your site’s SEO. Web design and development is a continuous process of tweaking and making adjustments. Only with a skilled designer and CMS specialist can you sustain that kind of work in the future.

Free Themes Come with a Lot of Limitations

Incorporating your company’s branding seamlessly into your website should be at the top of your list. If you’re going for a free template, that seamless integration is almost impossible to achieve. There’s only so much you can do without the types of modules, colors, and fonts available on a free theme. Most of the time, the more decent-looking themes are hidden behind a paywall. If you’re gonna spend money on your site, you might as well spend it on web design companies or IT staffing firms that specialize in CMS.

DIY Templates Have Little to No Support

When using a free theme, the term “DIY” also means you’ll be doing everything yourself, including fixing bugs or errors on the website. There’s little to no support when using ready-made templates. A custom website built by a professional developer can quickly identify any problems and fix them on the fly.


In this day and age, a business needs to have a fully functioning website if they want to succeed in the industry. Free themes and ready-made templates are always available at no cost. While they come as a more economical option, they’re not designed to provide businesses with what they need to market their websites. CMS specialists can create well-designed custom websites that will help your brand find its audience.

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