In recent years, staffing agencies have become a common topic of discussion in the current American business landscape. With even more businesses relying on manpower to get through the COVID-19-stricken economy, finding quality assistance is of utmost importance for long-term growth and survival. Whether it’s in the context of matters like inventory management or tasks […]
When hiring a candidate, talking about their salary is inevitable. More often than not, they will attempt to negotiate on how much the company has to pay them. With increasing work demands and a shortage of talents in the information technology industry, it can be challenging to settle on a middle ground. During the negotiation […]
The global pandemic has undoubtedly changed what the world perceives as normal. From doing business to socializing with friends and family, communities around the globe have become heavily dependent on electronic devices and software to live a somewhat functional and enjoyable life despite the limitations brought about by these uncertain and unique times. Although people […]
Hiring employees is necessary as you scale your company forward. While you can automate some aspects of your business, there are numerous irreplaceable functions that only a person can do. However, adding another person to your team won’t always give you the returns you expect from them. Sometimes, a bad hire is much worse than […]
The world has changed rapidly within the last ten years. There have been some fantastic developments across the globe in many different industries. There’s still so much room to grow and improve in the future. With the rise of new technologies and innovation every day, every company must also prioritize cybersecurity. There is a serious […]
Remote onboarding may seem like a challenge because it is a new process that not everyone is used to. Back in the days when everything was normal, companies could have a proper face-to-face orientation.  A systematized approach can make onboarding less complex for both the company and the new employee. Now that almost everything is […]
The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the number of devices connected to the internet, collecting and sharing information. And we actually see many IoT devices in our everyday life, from smart home security systems to smart thermostats. While blockchain technology has initially been linked to financial services, it has rapidly evolved since then. And […]
There seems to be no stopping to blockchain’s popularity, especially with the recent success of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and the longstanding appeal of cryptocurrency. However, many investors wonder whether it can have other functions besides creating a digital economy on its own. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of sophisticated chips linked to […]
The internet of things (IoT) is a system designed for smart devices to interact as humans do by means of the internet. It is a relatively new piece of technology that is gaining some popularity right now. On the other hand, blockchain technology is also becoming more popular due to its use by many cryptocurrencies […]
According to the latest skill index, blockchain expertise is taking the world by storm as it’s currently the fastest-growing skill. What’s great about this is that this industry holds a mountain of career opportunities for various professionals, encouraging career growth and immense competitiveness.  Seeing as more companies are looking for individuals who can help them […]
Businesses in the cryptocurrency industry can use a couple of candidates in order to operate and succeed. It can be difficult to find the right people though, as so many applicants tend to jump into blockchain without really understanding what the job entails or what it calls for. The hiring process can be a nightmare […]
If you’re looking for a new developer, you probably don’t want them to start a revolution and bring the entire world down with a piece of code, nor do you want them to be a vigilant hacker. However, developers indeed have a lot of power and influence over how your company functions and presents itself […]
Blockchain technology has become a household name in the cryptocurrency industry. This technology, however, is not exclusive to crypto enthusiasts only. It is widely used in various industries, and the most recent popular one is adding it to businesses’ daily business practices. If you are curious about how it helps these companies and organizations improve […]
As technology advances, so do the modus operandi of hackers and cybercriminals. One essential type of technology that is emerging in almost every sector is blockchain technology. Blockchain can enhance the safety of online transactions and increases trust in record-keeping processes.  Because of the hype of blockchain technology in every industry, job openings are opening […]
A multi-million dollar company or a business startup can be vulnerable to a number of attacks, and they aren’t only physical. The growing availability of personal details to the internet through cloud services is a significant driver of cybercrime.  Cybercriminals are getting more skilled, altering their targets, impacting businesses, and the techniques they use to […]
Many high-profile companies are thrust into the limelight because of cyberattacks, which compromise not only businesses but also clients. Unfortunately, business owners can no longer depend exclusively on off-the-shelf cybersecurity solutions such as antivirus software and firewalls. Hackers are growing more intelligent, and their methods are becoming more robust against traditional cyber defenses.  It is […]
Every single business from around the world shares one thing in common: they collect a lot of data, but that remains to be an understatement. Companies improve their chances of success by gathering data from various sources to understand their audience better, improve their advertisements’ effectiveness, create more relevant products and services, and more! In […]
When it comes to operating a business in today’s technologically advanced landscape, you can never be too safe. Technology is a double-edged sword—while it can contribute to the success of your business, it also offers cybercriminals to develop more sophisticated methods of attacking different organizations. Although it’s possible to recover from a cyberattack, it is […]
With a massive drop in employment brought upon by the pandemic, many IT talents may be worried that their skills will no longer be put into good use. Fortunately, this isn’t the case! More and more companies are opening up to the digital world. Even new businesses have started with the digital world set in […]
Blockchain technology evolved from starting out as a gimmick to becoming a game-changer for various industries in the world. While the decentralized ledger of digital assets is renowned for paving the way for virtual currencies like bitcoin, the fact remains that its ability to store and distribute data with unprecedented security gives blockchain technology more […]
Blockchain developers are sought after by businesses who have finally jumped on the bandwagon and are attempting to incorporate the technology into their offerings. Blockchain development has evolved from a passion project to a viable and well-paying profession. Now, that massive commercial use has been added to the blockchain’s numerous applications and convenience. Why Do […]