Having a strong organizational culture is essential for a company’s success. It helps to build trust among employees, encourages collaboration, and can create a strong sense of purpose and belonging. Many organizations have found that their IT department plays a key role in supporting a strong culture. Through the use of technology, IT departments can […]
Successful startup founders don’t simply do things on their own. Usually, they have a competent team that they can rely on. As such, startups–specifically, tech startups–must give more importance to an efficient hiring process. However, tech startups today face multiple hiring problems. Because success is driven by a group’s journey together, you should hire the […]
After identifying why it is beneficial to hire a tech lead, it is best to write down a guideline that helps find the ideal candidate for the role. However, for companies hiring a tech lead for the first time, which best practices should they follow to secure the perfect candidate for a company’s tech lead? […]
A tech lead is a technical expert who provides leadership and direction for a team of engineers. They are responsible for the overall technical direction of a project or product and work closely with the engineering team to ensure that the product meets the required specifications. There are many benefits to hiring a tech lead […]
When you are starting a new software project, one of the first decisions you need to make is who will be your lead developer. Do you need a lead developer or a senior developer? To help you answer this question, we thought it would be useful to put together a brief explainer on these two […]