Since the mid-1990s, the PHP server-side programming language has been quite popular with other developers. However, nowadays, you may have noticed some talks about its impending demise, but raw data says this is still unlikely.  PHP is currently used by 78.9 percent of websites, including big companies, such as Zoom, Facebook, and Wikipedia. To top […]
Are you trying to look for IT technicians to work for your business? It is essential to understand that not all IT technicians are made equal. Some will be better at their job than others, and this means that if you want to hire a competent IT technician, you will need to know what to […]
You may be investing in new technology to streamline your business processes, but are you investing in IT support to maintain this technology? While switching to an online system for your core business operations may significantly improve your overall processes, it may not be as effective if not appropriately maintained. Leaving these online systems unmanned […]
Different jobs call for different skills—that’s just a fact of life. You wouldn’t hire someone who doesn’t have the proper knowledge of the position that you are offering, nor would you hire someone who isn’t remotely qualified to be in your company in the first place.  Trying to find the perfect candidate for the available […]
The world has changed rapidly within the last ten years. There have been some fantastic developments across the globe in many different industries. There’s still so much room to grow and improve in the future. With the rise of new technologies and innovation every day, every company must also prioritize cybersecurity. There is a serious […]
Remote onboarding may seem like a challenge because it is a new process that not everyone is used to. Back in the days when everything was normal, companies could have a proper face-to-face orientation.  A systematized approach can make onboarding less complex for both the company and the new employee. Now that almost everything is […]
With a massive drop in employment brought upon by the pandemic, many IT talents may be worried that their skills will no longer be put into good use. Fortunately, this isn’t the case! More and more companies are opening up to the digital world. Even new businesses have started with the digital world set in […]
No business could be successful without its employees. Of course, the business owner is responsible for launching the company in the first place, but that’s only the beginning! If you want your organization to last for the years to come, then you’ll have to step things up and recruit the best talents who could contribute […]