A diverse workforce is happier, more productive, and comes up with more innovative ideas that take IT companies to a higher level. In 2021, hiring and retaining diverse talent is more critical than ever across all industries. Implicit bias is challenging to recognize, let alone get rid of. IT staffing agencies and internal HR offices […]
The past few years have been good to the tech industry. When most industries were terribly affected by the global pandemic, the IT industry was still able to thrive and had been one of the “pandemic-proof” fields. Needless to say, the career opportunities in this industry are plenty. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics […]
The concept of outsourcing a professional to hire a candidate for your company seems counterproductive and expensive, but many businesses fail to recognize the complexities of recruiting. The Human Resources department often has plenty of key responsibilities on its plate, so hiring becomes a means to an end.  Meanwhile, staffing agencies specialize in seeking the […]
Workforce diversity has become a buzzword today, with organizations wanting to emphasize their inclusive hiring and management practices. These changes are significant in STEM fields like information technology, traditionally dominated by white male professionals of a specific socioeconomic background. Though well-intentioned, companies might find it challenging to execute genuinely diverse and inclusive practices. IT staffing […]
There’s no doubt that finding the perfect candidate for a job comes with its fair share of challenges, particularly for tech industries due to a growing scarcity of talents. Once you narrow down your list of potential employees after spending exhaustive time, effort, and budget pre-screening other job-seekers, the biggest hurdle businesses often face at […]
Everyone has been waiting for 2021 to roll around after the catastrophic events of 2020. There’s no better way to move forward than by getting focused on your goals. It’s also crucial to be able to match the needs of employers. IT staffing firms in Chicago and elsewhere know that keeping up with the trends […]
 Talent recruitment and employee retention are crucial for companies and organizations to continue to grow and flourish in the long-term. From the hiring and onboarding process to your IT talent’s first day, week, month on the job, and beyond, you must provide an environment for them to thrive. Turnover rates in the IT industry are […]