IT staffing requirements evolve as technology progresses. Often, new jobs are created to adapt to the modern advancements that the world is experiencing. But sometimes, jobs go in and out of vogue.  Recently, more and more companies are looking to hire full-stack developers or professionals who understand the back-end and front-end aspects of product design. […]
Software engineers are some of the most in-demand talents right now, as the average Silicon Valley developer probably gets about a dozen unsolicited recruiter messages every week. That’s because the world is filled with developers, and companies want the best ones. The only problem is that all developers aren’t created equal, and some are going […]
As blockchain technology soars and digital assets boom, businesses see an opportunity to use NFTs as a safe, secure, and sensible solution to exchanging transactions across different markets.  NFTs are the natural evolution in the world of blockchain assets, and with the right guidance and execution, they could revolutionize the crypto industry as we know […]
Due to the ongoing pandemic, many industries had to find a workaround in order for their productivity and sales to continue. The concept of work-from-home may still be new, yet, it has been a well-accepted addition to the modern work processes. Of course, not all companies could do this immediately since many adjustments were necessary […]
You may be investing in new technology to streamline your business processes, but are you investing in IT support to maintain this technology? While switching to an online system for your core business operations may significantly improve your overall processes, it may not be as effective if not appropriately maintained. Leaving these online systems unmanned […]
7. Can You Identify and Fix the Errors in this Code? One of the most successful methods of testing an applicant’s talents is to give them a sample problem to solve.  When generating errors, the problem should be difficult enough to demonstrate their expertise in coding language but not too complex that it consumes your […]
When your firm has an opening for a software engineer, it’s critical to know the right and practical questions to ask. Interviews allow you to get to know potential recruits and determine the most excellent candidate for the role.  When interviewing applicants, you should ask various questions about their general working preferences and prior experiences. […]
As demand for cryptocurrency grows, the sector produces more and more job listings. So many job positions are seeking professionals with knowledge about the cryptocurrency industry, and even top companies like JPMorgan Chase, Apple, and Amazon are hiring for similar positions.  Now that these well-established companies recognize the sustainability of cryptocurrency, the sector is offering […]
Percentage wise: the majority of job opportunities fall within the software development space. The highest paid jobs are mostly either in leadership or in senior cyber security jobs, some can even reach as high as $400,000. Unfortunately for many companies, right now they are facing rising cyberattacks. Due to the rise in demand, there is […]
BY: FAWAD KHAN- Project Management Consultant @KeyMetricsXP As digitization sweeps across every horizontal and vertical market, data has become the new corporate currency. Data is everywhere and growing faster than ever. When data is managed properly, it becomes a competitive advantage for any organization; but without interpretation, it’s only a collection of facts.  Various analytical techniques have transformed […]