The concept of blockchain can be pretty difficult to understand, especially when connecting it with recruitment. Classified under the second generation internet, it refers to the encrypted digital database shared by multiple parties in one distributed network. Any transaction that occurs in this space is recorded, verified, and stored in the database.  That also means […]
Cryptocurrencies are recently gaining traction thanks to the development of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Although cryptocurrencies have been around for years, it’s only now that they’re gaining more traction in the market. Blockchain technology isn’t as simple as listing a property for sale online. Some several cogs and gears operate the development and limited amount of […]
Blockchain: if there’s a buzzword that’s become more prominent for any technologically-driven company over the past few years, it’s this word that is said millions of times daily. Although many people still associate blockchain technology with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and DogeCoin, many businesses are beginning to display its massive potential for improving processes of […]
Businesses in Finance Technology have progressed by leaps and bounds  in the digital era. You would think that such an expansive and well-rounded industry would have no trouble finding employees. However, the more FinTech evolves, the greater the need for more people in the workforce—at a rate with which the marketplace cannot keep up.  Finding […]
You don’t have to own a Fortune 500 company to leverage business intelligence strategies. In the golden age of technology, business intelligence and data analytics are crucial to any organization’s success. Whether you have less than ten employees or you’re pushing 1,000, your business has much to gain. What Is Business Intelligence? Data means power. […]