It’s not a complete exaggeration to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how the IT industry works, possibly for good. While the medical world has set sight on a possible vaccine rollout by 2021, businesses have to remain agile in keeping pace with technological advancements to stay aloft in such turbulent times. In that […]
Today, IT and tech professionals are more than aware of their value to companies, so much so that they tend to be on the lookout for other opportunities even after securing a coveted slot. There’s so much opportunity that it’s difficult to tune it out, especially when talent knows they could be climbing larger ladders […]
The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic can still be seen today, with thousands of people displaced and out of jobs. As people continue to struggle and look for new employment opportunities, companies who are looking to recruit more talented staff should come up with the right job advert to win over the best professionals. Since […]
For companies looking to hire new employees—to either replace those who left or to add more value to the business—navigating the hiring process can be quite difficult. If you don’t have the time to initiate the interviews because you already have so much on your plate, you can rely on an IT staffing agency to […]
The world of tech is becoming vaster as each day progresses. An increasing number of talents and professionals are rising, and many of these are self-taught. Some of them are out-of-this-world when it comes to skill level, while others might need a bit more fishing to see their capabilities eventually. Technology is the future, which […]
The recruitment industry is facing several updates and challenges from the newest generation of the workforce. Like any relationship, employee-employer interactions changed, depending on motivations and goals. Unlike past generations, late Millennials and Gen Z job applicants aren’t too focused on high-paying salaries. Investing in their self-growth through hobbies and even other job opportunities isn’t […]
Working in a startup environment is full of thrill and excitement. As a startup founder, you know that the future is filled with big possibilities—and that what you are building can significantly change the society in one way or another.  However, it pays to remember that you cannot propel your startup to success with your […]
Managing a start-up was never meant to be easy. There is so much that needs to be done, from deciding what products and services the company will offer to what kind of branding strategies to use. However, one crucial decision that start-up business owners and managers will have to make is hiring the right team […]
Every engineering firm knows that they have to keep in step with the latest technological solutions to bolster their operations and satisfy clients. That’s because many related industries, like architecture and civil engineering, use IT infrastructures and software to create unique and precise construction plans for their clients.  The common belief is that engineering SMEs […]