NFTs are making waves in almost every media platform nowadays and are considered to be big business by many. In fact, the total market cap of NFTs has already reached over $420 billion, which is a monumental milestone for something relatively new.  Speaking of all things new, many people are still struggling to wrap their […]
A wide range of skills is necessary to work in blockchain development, but when a career in this industry is launched, it can be challenging to know which skills are the most important to pursue. Job postings can provide candidates with some sense of what employers want, but these requirements are usually tailored to meet […]
Often, a new hire’s first day involves company orientation, team introductions, and granting of security access. However, as the workplace environment evolves, every new employee needs to undergo security training—not only those filling IT staffing vacancies. This article will look into the importance of cybersecurity training and ways to secure the work environment. The Importance […]
One problem that many organizations face, especially for those that mainly focus on the IT industry, is finding the right talents for their workforce. Unfortunately, such a need for IT talents can be unique for each company, making it even more of a challenge to figure out exactly how to hire the right individuals. Fortunately, […]
A significant portion of a small agency workforce is freelancers, meaning that many agencies recognize a flexible staffing strategy’s benefits. This more stable talent pool includes freelancers that help agencies manage labor costs without sacrificing quality. If you’re thinking of hiring creative talent, here’s why you should consider a project-based freelancer: 1) You’ll Have More […]
Finding the right person for an IT position can be quite a tedious process, whether you’re searching for an entry-level hire or someone who can contribute significantly to your company in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, replacing a bad hire is particularly expensive. It costs at least 30% of […]
The future has arrived. Computers, the internet, and modern technology aren’t just things we use from time to time. They have become an intrinsic part of our daily lives. Even in some remote and rural areas, people are slowly integrating technology into their everyday lives. All that said, today, businesses require experts in IT to […]
Businesses rely on workers dedicated to keeping information technology safe and functional, computer networks functioning smoothly. Systems engineers and software engineers are two types of IT professionals who head this effort. They have similar duties, although their titles suggest different job responsibilities. Here’s what systems engineers and software engineers do, what roles they fill, how […]