Another year dawns upon us, and there is still a need for quality employees to keep businesses moving forward. With the vast pool of prospects out there, it’s time to use the resources available to make the hiring process better. It’s especially relevant for the tech world as demand rises. Read on if you’re unsure […]
One problem that many organizations face, especially for those that mainly focus on the IT industry, is finding the right talents for their workforce. Unfortunately, such a need for IT talents can be unique for each company, making it even more of a challenge to figure out exactly how to hire the right individuals. Fortunately, […]
A significant portion of a small agency workforce is freelancers, meaning that many agencies recognize a flexible staffing strategy’s benefits. This more stable talent pool includes freelancers that help agencies manage labor costs without sacrificing quality. If you’re thinking of hiring creative talent, here’s why you should consider a project-based freelancer: 1) You’ll Have More […]
After convincing management to hire more people and your job advertisement ushered in a good mix of applicants, it is time to interview candidates to fill the IT staffing vacancy. But how can you conduct an effective job interview? Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your role as the interviewer to […]
Interviews can be overwhelming for both the interviewee and the interviewer. As an interviewer, you only have so much time with the candidates to assess their behavior, analytical thinking skills, competencies, problem-solving capabilities, creativity, and more. If you have read the first part of this article, you may have a better grasp of constructing interview […]
Most people may not know this, but sometimes job interviewers are as nervous as the interviewee. As an interviewer, you take great care to appear confident but wonder if you look the part. You ponder whether you will hire the right person to fulfill your IT staffing requirements while properly assessing candidates. But most of […]
You may be investing in new technology to streamline your business processes, but are you investing in IT support to maintain this technology? While switching to an online system for your core business operations may significantly improve your overall processes, it may not be as effective if not appropriately maintained. Leaving these online systems unmanned […]
7. Can You Identify and Fix the Errors in this Code? One of the most successful methods of testing an applicant’s talents is to give them a sample problem to solve.  When generating errors, the problem should be difficult enough to demonstrate their expertise in coding language but not too complex that it consumes your […]