Today, all organizations, regardless of industry, rely on information technology (IT) infrastructure to carry out basic operations like research and communication with customers and employees. Some small businesses assign one person to handle all of the essential “computer stuff,” and they do just fine without a dedicated IT department.  One team member who is more […]
Players in the IT industry have been facing significant hiring challenges for the past years. As the field is a rapidly evolving one, it needs a constant influx of tech talents with the right skills and the right attitude. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be enough individuals to answer this ever-increasing demand for IT workers.  […]
According to research, one of the rapidly growing segments in the labor market today is older workers. By 2024, there will be an older age range in the workforce at 55 years old or older. For this reason, many companies need to develop better strategies for training, recruiting, and managing employees when the inrush of […]
Percentage wise: the majority of job opportunities fall within the software development space. The highest paid jobs are mostly either in leadership or in senior cyber security jobs, some can even reach as high as $400,000. Unfortunately for many companies, right now they are facing rising cyberattacks. Due to the rise in demand, there is […]
1. Avoid USB drives whenever possible. Hackers can easily load them with software that will allow them to spy on you. Instead, use a cloud-based platform like Dropbox. 2. Tape your laptop camera. While covering a camera doesn’t protect the device from being hacked, it does prevent a creep from being able to see what […]